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Umbrella Properties does not charge an application fee. Give us a call today to schedule a tour and get a rental application or apply online now. We offer apartments in many styles. We have studio apartments, one-bedroom apartments, two-bedroom apartments, and three-bedroom apartments. Umbrella Properties also offers duplexes, townhouses, and house rentals. We have apartments in Eugene, Springfield, Bend, Junction City, Coburg, Albany, Lebanon, and more. Check out our available property rentals and find what you are looking for.

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Umbrella Properties was formed in 1975 with the ideal of creating warm, comfortable rental homes for people from all walks of life. Those same values are still in practice with our rental properties today. Most of our apartments are approved for section 8, and Sorgenfri & Hawthorne Park are both dedicated to serving Elderly (HOH 62+) groups. Umbrella Properties is locally owned and managed and is a leading provider of rentals in the Willamette Valley and Central Oregon. With over 2,600 rental properties plus 800 storage units, Umbrella Properties has the perfect home rental just for you.